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2024.04.30- 55th day of the Main Easter Attacks Criminal Trial against 24 Accused

2024.04.30- 55th day of the Main Easter Attacks Criminal Trial against 24 Accused
Date : 30/04/2024
Case number : HC(TAB) 2972/21
Brief update:
In the subject case summons have been issued to the witness No.1286, 1275, 2220, 2221, 2222 and 2223 to attend before the court today. However, only witness No 1276 and 2221 were present before the court. Deputy solicitor General Haripriya Jayasundara informed the court of the reasons for the absence of witnesses. Accordingly prosecution has dicided to not bring witness No 2220 to this case. Witness Nos. 2222 and 2223 are two officials of the Department of Official Languages. As witness no. 2221, Chief Inspector Gunasekara’s evidence, is related to the evidence of officials of the Department of Official Language, he was temporarily released today without testifying. Witness No. 1276 was called to inquire whether some CCTV footages marked as evidence were properly handed over to the CID. However, the evidence of witness No. 1276 was also not taken today because an admission was made that those CCTV footages had been duly delivered.
The corrections were made in the proceedings of the case from 05.12.2023 to 16.01.2024.
Before taking evidence, lawyer who appears for the 14th Accused made an oral application and informed the court that 14th accused is suffering from some health complications and he was brought from prison hospital of Dumbara on today morning. Accordingly the lawyer requested permission from the court to transfer his client to welikada prison hospital. Honourable judges ordered the prison officers to send the accused to a doctor and get necessary actions.
23rd accused did not present before the court. Lawyer who appears for the accused informed the court that the medicine prescribed for the accused was not available in the prison and that his wife could not buy the medicine.
Further trial was fixed for 2nd of May 2024 for the further corrections of the proceedings.
Next dates: The case will be taken up on 02nd May 2024 at 1.00pm for further trial.

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