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2024.05.21- 63rd day of the Main Easter Attacks Criminal Trial against 24 Accused

2024.05.21- 63rd day of the Main Easter Attacks Criminal Trial against 24 Accused
Date : 21/05/2024
Case number : HC(TAB) 2972/21
Brief update:
The subject case was taken up before the Trial at Bar for the evidence of witness No.2111 (76th Witness) who was present before the court.
13th and 23rd Accused were not present before the court.
The lawyer appearing for the 13th accused made an application to continue the trial without the 13th accused since he has to go for a medical checkup.
As a previous understanding existed with regards to the 23rd Accused’s medical condition the trial was to proceed without the 23rd accused being present.
Witness No.2111 (76th witness), who is presently serving as the Senior Assistant Secretary of the Judicial Service Commision was previously holding the positions of a Magistrate and District court judge was re-examined by the state during the (Voir Dire) inquiry. The re-examination of the witness concluded and his evidence was concluded.
Thereafter, the evidence in chief of Witness No.2113 (77th witness) who is presently serving as a court translator In the high court of Colombo who was previously holding the position of translator at the Mount Lavinia Magistrates court in 2019 commenced at the (Voir Dire) inquiry.
The witness was questioned on her duties and responsibilities as the translator who was present when the 76th Witness recorded the statement that was given by the 11th suspect (of the present case) under section 127 of the Criminal procedure code in case number B917/2019 of the Mount Lavinia Magistrates court.
In order for the witness to identify the accused who gave the statement the accused individuals of the present case were asked to remove their masks and stand up and the witness identified the suspect who gave said statement as the 11th accused of the present case.
As per the evidence given by the 77th witness the 11th accused (of the present case) was given 3 opportunities on three seperate days to consider giving the statement and he gave a voluntary statement on the 25th of June 2020.
The evidence in chief of the 77th Witness concluded and the cross examination commenced. The Attorney at law representing the 11th accused started the cross examination and concluded the same. Thereafter, the re-examination of the 77th witness took place and was concluded. The witness 2113 was released.
The witness 2225( Stenographer) is to be present on the next date . Witness no. 1925 was issued summons and is to be present on the next date.
Further trial was fixed for 28th of May 2024.
Next dates: The case will be taken up on 28th, 29th and 30th May 2024 at 1.00pm for further trial.

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