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2024.01.16- Case against Hejaaz Hisbullah (English)

2024.01.16- Case against Hejaaz Hisbullah (English)
Today High Court Judge Hon. Ranga Dissanayake gave evidence before the Puttlam High Court in the trial against Hejaaz Hizbullah. He was summoned to give evidence with regard to two statements recorded by him when he was the Fort Magistrate.
Key aspects of his testimony were that
1. The Hon. High Court Judge did not know that the lawyers who were present with the two minors when they recorded statements had been retained by the CID. He stated that, had he known, he would have not allowed the lawyers to be present in the room at any cost.
2. ⁠His evidence also contradicted the testimony of the prosecution witness Malik on critical aspects.
3. ⁠He has also stated that he was not satisfied with the police investigation into media statements on the confidential statement made to him and,
4. It was the CID that insisted on recording a statement from the children which he considered to be unnecessary.
The next trial date has been fixed for 1st of March.

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