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2024.05.29- 65th day of the Main Easter Attacks Criminal Trial against 24 Accused

2024.05.29- 65th day of the Main Easter Attacks Criminal Trial against 24 Accused
Date : 29/05/2024
Case number : HC(TAB) 2972/21
Brief update:
The subject case was taken up before the Trial at Bar for the further trial of the witness No.1925 (78th witness) and the evidence of witness No.2112 (79th witness).( Witness No. 1914 is in abroad )
13th and 23rd Accused were not present before the court. As a previous understanding existed with regards to the 13th and 23rd Accused’s medical condition the trial was to proceed without the 13th and 23rd accused being present.
The Attorney at law for the 11th accused continued cross examination of the Witness No.1925 regarding the investigation related to the 11th accused and his statement dated 25.06.2020. After the conclusion of the cross examination the re-examination was also concluded. Then the witness 1925 was released.
The witness No.2112, who presently works as the officer in charge of Elayapattu police station also gave evidence. In 2019 he worked in the terrorist investigation division. The prosecutor questioned his duties and responsibilities as an officer at the terrorism Investigation Division. Further the 11th suspect of this case had been produced by the witness to the magistrate to make his statement dated 25.06.2020.
The witness did not properly identify the accused whom he produced to the magistrate. The evidence in chief of the Witness was concluded and the cross examination commenced. The Attorney at law who represents the 11th accused cross examined the witness. Thereafter, the re-examination was also concluded. The witness 2112 was released.
Summons were issued to the witness No.1919 and 2056. The prosecution told the court that they are about to end the prosecution’s case of the voir dire inquiry, therefore the court ordered the lawyers of the accused to file witness lists tomorrow.
Further trial was fixed for the 30th of May 2024.
Next date: The case will be taken up on 30th May 2024 at 1.00pm for further trial.

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